Establishing your own home business can be very challenging but also very rewarding. You have to set up you office so that you are able to take care of your business. This will enable to treat your home business as you would if you had to work somewhere else.

Setting up a home office that makes working convenient and efficient for you, there are some essential factors that you will need to put your home office together. Therefore, you have to get all the necessary equipment and furniture that will enable you to set the office up.

Starting Your Home Office Setup

We need to create a plan and see exactly what we have at present and what we need to get. Call it your home business plan. If you do this, you will be able to organize what you need to achieve your goals

Decide exactly where you want to set up your office. The main thing is that is a convenient place for you to be able to carry out your business.

Select the quietest area available to set up your office. You do not want a lot of distractions that will lessen your productivity. This is particularly important if you have very young children at home.

Space Plan

After you have decided what area of the house you are going to use to set up your office, there are a few other decisions to make. Make sure this area gets enough air and light and you away from any noisy area. This enables you to provide a professional environment dedicated to your work.

Since you will be spending a maximum amount of your time every day in your home office, make sure it is a place where you are comfortable. If not, then you can spend a substantial amount of time in decorating your home office to make it suitable for working.

Home Office Equipments

There are certain pieces of equipment that you will need in order to be able to operate effectively. So this is where you know what you have and what extra items you need.

You will definitely need communication equipment and a connection to the internet. When you are conducting business it is important that you can contact other people and they can contact you. When you are running a business from home, always have a separate dedicated telephone line for the business. If you don’t have one set up an email account. There is a free service on Google for this. Sign up for skype – it is free.

The idea of having more than one medium of communication is to be able to provide the most convenient communication method for your business associates as possible.

Other equipments that will be need in your home office include computers (either laptop or desktop), printers, scanners,and a fax machine. You may need to purchase other specialized equipment relevant to your profession.Whether you are a professional setting up your own home business or an internet marketer, all of this applies to you if you want to be successful.

To YOUR success


Sue McDonald




  6 Responses to “Setting Up Your Home Business”

  1. Hi Sue
    I think too many people setting up a home business forget that it IS a business.
    I am all for comfort and unfortunately with my spondylosis, sitting at a desk for more than 5 minutes is agony.
    Hooray for laptops! I literally get comfortable in my recliner with my foot rest up, get out my laptop cushion, my little stand to let air circulate and my laptop and I are set to go!
    Dee recently posted..Why Article Marketing?My Profile

  2. Hi Sue,
    Great subject.

    I also recommend preparing by setting rules with the family.

    When I’m at my desk, I’m at work. With the kids it’s “be respectful and ask if you can interrupt. You may get a no, but we’ll talk about whatever later, like on my break. Unless someone’s bleeding – of course!” Not perfect, but helps minimize the distractions. And the kids do need reminding from time to time, but because we discussed it initially, they get the hint.

    With outside family & friends, I have to mention quite often that I’m working, that they can drop by, but I may not be able to chat long if I’m working on a project.

    Keep them coming Sue!
    Louise Mandar recently posted..5 Internet Marketing Tips To Get You UnstuckMy Profile

  3. Hi Louise

    Yes what we are doing is a business and I know with children it is a little harder but as you say they must respect what you are doing.What we sometimes forget is to give ourselves breaks away from this keyboard. Breaks are a must.

    To YOUR success


  4. Hi Dee

    Laptops are great. My husband bought me an ipad a few weeks ago because I travel so much but I think I prefer my laptop.

    To YOUR success


  5. The heat last summer in our non air-con house drove me into the basement, its cool down there: the original ‘man-cave.’
    I agree it’s essential to have an office ‘space’, even if it’s a tiny table in a corner somewhere, or a favoured chair, so you can be ‘at work’ at home.
    However, even ‘at work’ life in the office can be distracting since we work online. Ohh! the distractions of online! Never was there so much to read of so little consequence. By our discipline will we be known, I suspect.

  6. Hi Ant

    Yes we have to be disciplined when we are working at home. I am in a fortunate position that my husband acknowledges that there is a lot of work to be a success in this business and he understands why I spend so much time at the computer.

    To YOUR success


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