Domain Name:

Cheap Domain Name:

Note: I do not recommend for your main website.
They have the power to shut you down. Read the TOS carefully.
The last time I checked you do not own the domain name
of your website, but you rent it from them for 99 years.
That means that they can shut you down anytime they want to
if they receive a spam complaint from others.

Web Hosting:

Quality Hosting Service:

Note: This is the web hosting service I do recommend to as it has many features you need for your business.

Transfer files to your server:

Auto-responder System:

Popular Auto-responder System:

Note: This is the most popular auto-responder system among many marketers

Merchant Account:



Note: You can easily sell your products using Payspee. You will receive instant payment.


Note: Clickbank could be another solution. However, I just do NOT
like the idea of getting paid every two weeks from clickbank.
It is not something I would really recommend that much as
a third party merchant account.

Merchant Account:

Note: I know that even if you have bad credit you can have a merchant
account. The only drawback that I see IF you have a large
transaction, they will freeze your account right away. They
want to see an unreasonable amount in the bank account associated
with the checking account you provided to them.

Ad Swaps:

Adswaps is not a new concept in list building. Ad swap is a process in which two list owners agree to email each others offer to their email lists. It’s a fairly simple and extremely profitable process which can bring in a lump sum to both parties in a matter of days.

While the concept is simple, there are many problems connected with adswaps, when people make mistakes or just cheat. Safe-Swaps protects from all downfalls, making email exchanges very profitable and enjoyable. Join for $1.00 for your first month.

Design Your Website:


Nvu (Pronounced N-View)

HTML beginner tutorial

Ad Tracking System:


Note: I do like this script a lot to track the users that
come to my site. This allows me to know how many sales
I get, how many subscribers I receive, and much more. The
only drawback that I see would be, it doesn’t really allow
me to track my pay per click campaign in details.


Adobe Acrobat Professional:

Note: You can convert microsoft word into PDF files. The cool
thing about this will be, it will also make the URL clickable.
I know there are some PDF converters out there for cheap.
However, many of them do not have the features on making
the URL clickable.

CD/DVD Duplication:

Note: This is the cheapest version for sending your product
to customers. I do NOT recommend that you go to product
fulfillment company before you look at the pricing on this.

Video to Blog:

Note: This software product allows you to insert professional video
into your blog. It is also the software that we use on our website as well as
in the members area.

Keyword Research:

Pay Per Click Service:

Google adwords:

Yahoo! Search Marketing:

MSN adCenter:








Other tools:


Hint: This is the tool that I used to save
all my passwords.

Yahoo! Messenger:

Note: this is the tool that I used to communicate
with my employees and partners


Note: This is the tool that I used to call overseas
as well as part of my main line for office phone.
It is very cheap for a phone line.

Outsourcing companies:


Note: It is a great place to find professionals on
this site, but they are somewhat pricey. So, I try
to really shop for the pricing before I say okay
to giving the professional the job.


Note: If you want to find a good programmer, try
scriptlance. This place has ONLY two types of people.
A complete newbies or a complete professional in
programming. Try to be very careful on the amateur
programmers because they will tell you how cheap they
are in pricing.

WARNING: I will definetely avoid those programmers
who say “YES” I can do it without showing the
portfolio they have done in the past.



CONSUMER NOTICE: This is an affiliate ad supported website. It means that if you buy something from this link, or ad on this website, or based on our recommendation, either expressed or implied, we may get paid an affiliate commission.

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