You have finally got your blog up and running and you are posting information there that is helping your readers. What you really want now is to get some visitors or traffic to your site.

What is the best way to achieve that? These are what I would suggest you do.

1. Sign up for a autoresponder account. I prefer Aweber for this. Go and create an opt-in box and offer your visitors a free gift that is applicable to you niche. This means if you are in the golf niche you can offer them a free report on how to improve their golf swing or something similar. They have to sign it to get the gift.

2. Share your blog with others through the social media sites and social networking sites.

This is a list of some you can use.

3. Read and post comment on other peoples blogs. Make sure that the comment is meaningful. Read the person’s blog before you add a comment. This will also give you a link to your blog as long as you include your URL in the correct box.

4. Make sure that you add your site address to your signature when you are sending out correspondence.

5. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, it will automatically ping your posts, but you can also manually ping them yourself.

6. Manually submit your blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

7. Include your blog URL on your business card or a flyer you may produce.

8. Make sure you include an RSS feed on your site. This is very easy when you are using WordPress.

9. If you have other sites, you may want to set up a “Blog Roll” and have the sites linked.

10. Write content for your blog on a regular basis. Include external and internal links in your posts.

11. Write some articles and post them on these sites and link back. Unique content is best but always when using blogging platforms, check out there terms and conditions.



Ezine Articles

If you follow these rules you will definitely start attracting traffic.

To YOUR success


Sue McDonald



What are the secrets of a successful internet marketer? Everyone wants to know the answer and I am going to reveal them here to you.

1. Have the right mind set.

Having the right mind set is important for anything we do but especially in internet marketing. Believe that you will succeed. But more importantly be prepared to work for want you want and remember we all learnt to crawl before we could walk.

2. Have your goals in place.

If you don’t know what you want, how can you go about getting it? If you only want to devote a small amount of time to internet marketing and you only want to earn a few extra dollars a month to help pay the bills, that is fine. On the other hand, if you want to make a lot of money you must be prepared to do the hard yards.

3. Get a teacher and mentor.

Now it is a useless exercise to buy every item offered on internet marketing, if you are not going to use them. So many ‘would be’ internet marketers buy so many products that are left unopened through lack of time and commitment. Find yourself a teacher who will take you from the very basics to the super advanced stage of marketing. One comment I will add here – be prepared to work. It is not true what those books and reports tell you – make $60,000 in the next 3 months. Always check what a teacher is offering you and always do your research. If you read the comments that former students have left, it will give you some indication of what they have learnt and even sometimes how far they have advanced.

4. What you can expect to learn to be a success.

Even if you have been playing around with the internet for a while, be happy to start again from scratch and learn the correct methods on the way through. One of the core factors you have to learn is how to drive traffic to your site and how to build a responsive list. You will hear over and over again the saying “The money is in the List”.  This is a basic fundamental that will enable you to be successful in what ever niche you choose. All new internet marketers find this the hardest part of their job, but if you have the right teacher – every facet of internet marketing will be a lot easier.


Now this is completely different from what I normally write but I wanted to tell you about my grandson. He taught himself how to do this and is now regarded very highly. He is following his passion and he is having a great deal of success.

At the age of 12, he decided he would approach people to sponsor him as a surf photographer – bold move for 12 but that is the same age that Steve Jobs contacted Dave Packard. He is sponsored by a body board company. His mother bought him his first camera and within his first month, he was having his pictures published in surfing magazines.

This is him at age 13 after he had been doing surf photography for a year. The link to Flickr does not work because he removed his photos from there because, all though they were supposed to be under copyright, people were using them.

In August this year, his sponsor company took him to Western Australia to shoot in Esperance and the Margaret River.

He has certainly changed to a surfer boy now. If you click in the middle of the photos it will take it to full screen.

Last month, he had 4 photos published in a French surfing magazine and was paid for this. Each photo could sell at the moment for up to $200. When his photos are published, he is always paid and he is getting more and more published. He is on school holidays now but plans to go back to school next year.

We missed seeing him for Christmas day because he was contacted by a surfing magazine to do an all day shoot on the Gold Coast. The reason is, we are experiencing waves of 20 feet and more and they wanted some great shots. Some of the beaches have been closed. He is still only paid for the photos that they buy from him.

Jye now  has his name embedded in the photos to stop people from using them. So what started as a desire has become a great passion for him. Instead of having to work at KFC or McDonalds to earn some money, he goes surfing and takes his camera.

Well done Jye!

To YOUR success


Sue McDonald


Today is action day for me-well to be truthful every day should be action day. But unfortunately we sometimes put off what we can do today till later.

Why is it that some times we procrastinate? Is it because we can be lazy or is it because we lack the knowledge and do not know how to tackle the task we should be doing?

Many times is the later. If we have insufficient knowledge – it is like a paralyzing fear. We want to start the task but because we are not sure that we know how to fully complete it, we tend to put it aside and not start it at all. This fear is often irrational but we tend to think, what others will think or say if you fail. The problem here is compound because you are thinking what others will think instead of just trying to start the task. When it comes to this, think about yourself and forget the others around you. You will probably find that they will praise you for doing something that you wanted to do.

Once you start, you may surprise yourself when you see that there was really nothing to fear because you find it relatively easy.  It is really about your mindset. If you believe that you will fail, there is a high percentage that you will. If you need help, why not ask. There are many people amongst your friends and colleagues who will help you, if you feel that you lack the knowledge or skills. Most people will go out of their way to assist you. There is a saying I love “You have to do it for yourself, but you do not have to do it alone.”

The thing about our society is we do the things we feel comfortable doing or things that we have to do during our normal day. This keeps us busy but to step out of our comfort zone and attempt something else scares us.

So this being my year, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and not procrastinating any longer. I am going to complete any task I attempt but I may need help along the way.

To YOUR success


Sue McDonald


I want to give you some advice on how you can enjoy your time working in your internet marketing business.  This is how to best employ your time and we all know that time management is important.

The first thing is that you treat it as a business and this will help you a great deal. This is the place where you eventually want to make your living. You maybe only working there part time at the moment but you are looking at eventually giving up your day “job” in favor of working full time online.

Always be positive – associate with positive people. If something does go wrong, fix it up and move on. Do not feel defeated but just progress forward.

Always write your plans down both long term and short term and even what you want to accomplish every week then break it down to what you want to achieve every day. This will help you to stay focused. Know how long it is going to take. It is much more powerful to write these goals down and see yourself achieving them. Pick one project at a time. This will allow you greater focus.

You will never achieve unless you are prepared to take action. Without action you will never move forward.

Select times when you check you emails and skype messages – unless you are waiting for a particular answer. I suggest first thing in the morning and before you close down are great times. Staying in skype chat rooms can be a great time waster. Another place that you can waste precious time is in forums. Forums are a great place to ask questions and get help but you can get caught there and the time will just fly. So I would suggest that the maximum time in a forum is 30 minutes a day.

Always ensure that you take breaks away from your computer. Get up and stretch every hour and make sure that you drink a lot of water. Water helps to flush out any toxins that can accumulate in your system. Avoid sodas because they are full of sugar and apart from helping add to your weight, they are not good for you.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.” Buddha

What a wonderful positive saying and quote.

This has been known for a long time that the water will erode a stone simply by the continuous flow of the water. We were all told that diamond was one of the hardest elements but when we analysis what the water can do to the rock, we know the changes the water can make.

When you walk in a stream and you look at the stones and rocks, below the water, you can see how, just through the consistent flowing movement of the water, the stones are rounded and smooth.

Just like the water in a stream or river will find its own path to flow over, we also have to find our own path. If the water encounters a rock in the stream it continue to flow over it and around it and through this process the shape of the rock will be changed. In life, we also will find “rocks” on our path to achieving our goals.   Just like the water, we have to be persistent and not be overwhelmed by any difficulties we may find along the way.

Remember it is the constant flow that changes the shape of the rock. If we are persistent, to the same degree as the ever flowing water, we can change our lives and achieve all that we want. There is nothing that we cannot overcome as long as we keep working to reach our goals.

We are all aware of what some people around us have achieved. If you personally know someone who has achieved all they have set out to do, why not study how they have done it. You will probably find that they were focused and persistent and did not let anything get in their way.

This is what you have to do. If along the way you come to across a problem, solve it and keep moving forward. You will soon find that you are reaching successful milestones along the way. As we have seen previously – nothing takes the place of persistence.




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Do you really want success? Or are you just thinking you want it?

YOU are the one who stands between your success and your failure. The most successful people are those who knew that the only way to be success required them to be the best they could. The hungrier you are to reach your goals -  the more successful you will become. It is often those that are pushed to their breaking point finally achieve all that they desire.

Watch this video and see what I mean.

Let me know if this has inspired you to work harder. Leave me a comment.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


As a person new to working online, we are tempted to buy products that we believe will help us succeed. Education is critical and if we are going to make money online, we end up with so many products that after we have looked at them, we often just stored them on one of your hard drives for later investigation. Then what happens – it is like following a bouncing ball. We go from idea to idea and never really complete what we have started. If you are doing this, you need to stop and pick one thing and stick to it.

Buying information all the time will only lead to information overload and you are completely lost and do not know where to start.

When you buy a product, be it an ebook or a course, I would suggest that you create a folder on your computer and write down the good ideas that you are discovering. If you write it down on paper it is more difficult to remember exactly where you wrote it. Now that you have written down what you think are good ideas, why not implement them. This is one way to improve your own business. So may people read all the information or watch webinars or DVDs but never implement what they are shown or read.

This is a matter of taking action and repeatedly working to improve what you are doing. So if, for example, you are building a web site where you are going to blog about a particular subject, you must be prepared to add blogs at regular intervals. You may choose to blog about getting traffic to your web site. Make sure that you write about this subject as often as possible and you will find that people are visiting your site on a regular basis. You are the expert on this subject and want to follow you and learn from you.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


There are many different ways to market your business online. We may use banner ads, write a series of emails, go to related forums in your niche and you can use social media to get noticed. We have to get our website seen by as many eyes as possible. We are looking for potential customers to buy our product or service.

At this stage, we do not want to pay for traffic through advertising but we want to explore as many free methods as we can. We can use a blog to advertise our site and link this to our website. When we create our website we are able to place photos of the product or products we are going to sell. Always give a description as well as and in the description list the features and benefits of the product. People want to know about what you are offering. When consumers are searching the internet, they are looking for an answer to a problem they or someone close to them may be experiencing.

This is the advantage of having a presence online because if you know how to get your website on the first page of the search engines you have a great potential that you can get a stream of customers.

We are not only marketing your products here but customers can buy your products directly online. Products online are usually cheaper than products that you can purchase off line. The reason for this is that there are very few overheads to having an online business.

When you market online you have the advantage of having your business seen worldwide. There is no limit to the amount of people that could see the product or service you are offering. If you chose to advertise via any other form of the media, like TV or magazines, you would probably only reach potential customers in a relatively small geographic area.

One advantage that cannot be overlooked is that by using a website to market your business, the internet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike conventional stores that have regular business hours, you website is available to your customers at any hour. Many people work long hours and they find it a lot easier and quicker to purchase on the internet.

The final advantage of having a website is, as a second stream of income, you may like to sell advertising space. If you are thinking of selling space on your site, always be very careful that you do not sell space to a competitor. Never totally sell all the space available because if there are too many advertisements on your site, it will distract your potential customers.


These are most certainly the biggest scams regarding home businesses. They are not in any particular order. Various companies involved charge various up front fees some ranging from a few hundred into the thousands.

1. Craft assembly

Here you are required to pay an up front fee to get your starter kit so you can assemble your craft objects. It does come with written instructions and the necessary parts.

People begin assembling the first lot of craft products and advise the company when they have completed them. The idea or promise has been that the company will buy these assembled crafts from you and you will make money.

Unfortunately, they tell you that “they didn’t all meet our specifications” and at this point you realize that even though you followed all instructions to the letter, they are not going to buy the crafts. The company has taken your money and left you with the assembled craft. This is a scam and the only one making the money is the company selling the kits. You could try to sell them at a local market to see if you could recoup your initial investment.

2. Companies looking for workers in their own home.

Here you pay a small fee to join. The catch here it is a list of companies that you are shown who are not even hiring home workers – so you have lost your money. Some companies may have originally hired home workers but do not do that now.

3. Medical Billing/Medical Transcription.

Unfortunately, people do not think about this very much. It is advertised that you do not need previous experience. You buy the soft ware and then you are given a list of potential customers in your local area.

Most clinics process their own bills immediately. Medical transcription is a very specialized field and it requires that you know and understand medical terminology.  There are companies that will employ people to do medical transcription but not from home.

There is little doubt that the people this software would want to refund your money.

3. Call this number.

The way this is advertised, if you call a specific number like a 1900 they will give you details of what they are selling.

Don’t call any numbers like this because they could be charging your account several dollars per minute. They are not free calls so do not waste your money.

4. Make money with your computer at home.

The advertisement could be a variation of this but you pay them a fee and then they send you a list of instructions for making your computer a money making machine. You will find that these instructions are how you can place ads so that you can get other people to sign up just like you did.

5. MLM – Multi Level Marketing.

Usually when you join these schemes you have to recruit more and more people. People are more interested in finding more people than in actually selling the product.

I think that the FTC would view this as a pyramid scheme.

6. Earn money typing at home.

Now if you are a really good typist why not use that skill to make some extra money at home.

You pay a fee and then the scammers send you information and a disc that show you how to place an ad and sell the information and disk to other unsuspecting people. This is very similar to #4.

7. Chain letters.

This is a very familiar way of being conned that has been around for some time. You are instructed to send some money to the top 3-5 names of a list you are sent. Then you join the list at the bottom and one day you will work your way to the top and you will be sent lots of money back.

This is another pyramid scheme and people involved with these schemes can be prosecuted.

We often wonder who would willing fall for these schemes. In this economy, there are a lot of people who are looking for quick ways to make money. These include the sick, elderly or disabled. Another group that fall for this is the low income earner, the stay at home parent or guardian who wants to earn extra money. These scammers promise the world but really they are the only ones making money.