Have you ever just sat and thought about the really successful people and why are they so successful?Keep Focussed

They are certainly no cleverer than you probably – and a lot of the most successful people did not have a formal education. So how did people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and, in more modern times, Bill Gates achieve the results they have?

It is the belief and focus that led to their greatness. Not one of these three people finished college. Bill Gates left Harvard to start Microsoft and Henry Ford and Thomas Edison never even went on to a secondary education. Thomas Edison is known as the forefather of the modern times because of his many inventions.

They were all passionate believers in their own abilities and they stayed focused and were not swayed by what others thought or said. I think focus and persistence is almost the same thing.

This particularly applies to anyone who ventures into the field of internet marketing. As a student or newbie in this field, you will often get comments similar to – “get yourself a second job and earn some money” or “don’t waste your time and energy, you will never make money like that”.

Just smile at any family member or friends who talk to you like that. Never take your eye off the results you want to achieve. This is where you must stay focused on what you believe. It is the belief that you have the ability to get your desired results.

It took Thomas Edison thousands of attempts before he perfected the electric light bulb. He tested 3000 filaments alone. We all know that Henry Ford was the first person to build a car, it had never been done before – but he stayed focused on what he believed.

If people are so persistent or focused, they will attain what they set out to do. Never allow yourself to be discouraged.

This saying is attributed to Thomas Edison and I find it very true. “Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. Accordingly, a ’genius’ is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework.”


Just watched a video from one of the people I enjoy most. He is one of the best when it comes to mind set – John Assaraf. The whole video was about setting goals and achieving them.

Always write you goals down. You will never achieve anything if you do not know what it is you want. Write them down as clearly as possible. Your goal may be for better health, to become more financial secure, to have a better relationship with your partner or to have a better business or career. Look at these goals everyday and visualize yourself achieving what you want. Now that you have written your goal, you need strategies in place to achieve what you want. You need to know what it is that you are going to do, and then you need tactics, or in other words, how you are going to reach the goal. Then you must have a process or a system in place.

All of us are creatures of habit.

By this I mean we get up every day and usually we start the day with some breakfast and then go to work. The first thing that a lot of us do is check any messages that may have come to our smart phone or computer overnight.

Now if we are finding that this is a bad habit, we have to change it. We need to have routines that are productive and are leading us in the direction of our goal. If for example, you wanted to write a book, tell yourself how much you are going to write ever day. Be committed and do not be deterred. There is such a major difference between commitment and being interested.

The committed person will not let anything get in their way to achieving their goal. The interested person will make every excuse under the sun why they have not achieved their goal. So if you are finding that you are not achieving whatever it is you want – change your habits and reach all of your goals.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


I have had to step back and take a serious look at where I am going and look at where I have been and where I want to now go. I am not making the type of money I want and the only reason is ME! Yes that is the cold hard truth – if it is going to be it is up to ME.  That is why I have signed up for the Quick Start Challenge.

So this is my business plan for the next six months. By the 25 October 2014, I have to have created a brand new product with an up sell. No ducking and weaving – just do it. Launch this product as a WSO. When that is launched, start and create another product.

Increase my list of subscribers by 5000 within the next six months. Increase my follow up emails series on some of my lists but only give information of value. Giving value to my list will help me gain more respect from my list and lower the unsubscribe numbers – they are not very high at the moment but if I can retain more that is all the better.

Create videos that can help increase my traffic.

Survey my list and see what they need help with and create a video to help them. This is a great method to see what products your list would want. A product is only good if it help solve peoples problems.

Find JV partners that will help me increase my lists and increase my sales by Christmas this year. In three months employ a VA to help me especially with some of the repetitive tasks. This will free my time to do what I have to do – create more product and sell it online.

I am aiming to make to make a steady stream of income by the end of this six month period.

So now that I have committed this in writing I am holding myself accountable for my own actions. I can go and cross things off as I get them done. I have to have a to-do list for every day that I am working on my computer and follow it and if something is not done on that day carry it over to the next. There is nothing as powerful as writing down what your goals are – why don’t you try it.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald


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